The Camera System

We use the latest generation 360 degree 6 camera array, precision made by the German company Applied Streetview. All recorded images are fully geo-referenced with latitude, longitude, altitude, direction and GPS date and time. A dedicated automatic levelling sensor provides level horizons. The created panoramas are compatible with major Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The 6 cameras, each with a resolution of 5 megapixels, provide a combined panoramic image of 30 megapixels. Images are automatically taken at up to 7 frames per second when using the time based triggering mode. Images can also be taken at specified distance intervals using the GPS triggering mode. Coverage is nearly total, with a 360x160 degree picture, omitting only a small section directly below the camera.
The connected Spatial GNSS receiver supports 4 independent GPS systems for high accuracy mapping world-wide.

Streetview Camera

The Applied Streetview 360° Camera

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