Image Capture and Processing

How quickly can a streetview be recorded and processed?
For small projects we can record, process and deliver a working project within 24hours. A general rule is that processing takes about the same time as the recording. Additional time is required to upload the final result to a web server for online viewing. Locally viewable versions of projects can be produced for smaller projects.

What data is stored with each photo taken?
In addition to the photographic images; the location, time, direction and height for each panorama are captured and stored. This data is provided by the integrated Spatial unit, which is a GPS aided inertial navigation system produced by Australian company Advanced Navigation.

What is the distance between each panorama?
The distance can be set to any desired value using the GPS interval mode. Typically we set the interval to 5m which is the industry standard for capturing streetview imagery. Shorter distances will provide more closeup detail. We can also use the time based mode with image capture at up to 7 frames per second.

How much can be captured in one session?
We use an inbuilt solid state drive to capture high volumes of data in a single session. Based on an typical interval of 5m this equates to approximately 200 kilometers of streetviews in one recording session. With a short break to copy the images from the camera to a PC, recording can quickly resume.

What panorama viewer do you use?
We use the krpano Panoramic Player developed by krpano.com. This player loads the image tiles rapidly and smoothy and is highly customisable when additional features such as object labelling is required. No additional license is required to use the krpano Panoramic Player.

Can RapidVistas provide a GPS track of the area recorded?
Yes. We use a Garmin GPS and Basecamp for route planning and navigation. We can provide a track of all routes recorded on request. For off road recordings we request that a GPS track file be provided to ensure all areas of interest are accurately recorded.


What is the size of each streetview panorama?
The image size of each panorama is 7500 by 3750 pixels and each file is 4-5MB in size.

How much of the surrounds in each panorama are covered?
Each panorama covers a complete 360 degree horizontal panorama with 160 degrees of vertical, which shows everything but the car or backpack and the ground directly below. The area of the "black spot" beneath the camera varies according to the height of the camera above ground.

What format do these panoramas come in?
You get a levelled, geotagged panorama in equi-rectangular format with multi-resolution tiles for the krpano Panoramic Player. Location and mapping information is stored in an integrated MySQL database. Panoramas can also be produced in Google Earth format.

How much space do I need if I want to host the imagery data on my own website?
A good benchmark is approximately 5MB per panorama. Based on this a 100km streetview recording at 5m per panorama would require 100GB of storage.

Does RapidVistas provide a hosting service?
Yes we can host your project on our site and will provide you with password protected access for an agreed period for a nominal fee. Your images are securely stored on Amazon S3 in redundant data mode.

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