The Panorama Viewer

The recorded images are rapidly processed using our proprietary software and presented using the highly regarded Panormaic Viewer developed by the German company krpano. Integrated with a custom map, the exact location of each streetview panorama is graphically displayed. Clicking on one of the blue dots will display the streetview panorama at that location with full pan, tilt and zoom capability. When displayed on an iPad or iPhone, selecting the gyroscope icon utilises the device motion sensors and provides a truly immersive virtual reality experience.

Image processing is highly automated, allowing your project to be completed within days. For small projects we can provide a standalone locally playable version of the panoramic streetview. It is recommended that larger projects be implemented on a web server. Rapidvistas can host your project on our web server with password protected access.

Have a look at the sample panoramas using the krpano Panorama Viewer here .

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